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5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever That Will Kill Your Productivity

feat11 - 5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever That Will Kill Your Productivity

Never Play These Games If You Want to Get Stuff Done

How long has it been since you last saw some of your friends? You know they spend their time playing computer games, but do you happen to know which ones those are? We are asking because we know just how addictive they can become and how much a person can sink into the experience. So we have compiled a list with 5 of the most addictive games that were ever invented and that have been killing the productivity of people all over the world. Read up and you may even find that you are playing one yourself, which might also explain why you have not seen any of your friends in a while.

5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever Played

1.World of Warcraft

Screenshot of World of Warcraft - 5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever That Will Kill Your Productivity
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How many people have played World of Warcraft? Over 100 million people by now all over the world. The game was launched in 2004 and has since then been making the rules in what we now call MMO (massive multi-player online). How do we know this is the most addictive game ever? Because it is also the most profitable.
World of Warcraft fans and addicts start by switching to a new time unit. This is the raid. In non-player time, it would translate to several hours, even up to 10 or more. How can you spend so much time in front of your computer without losing contact with the rest of the world? You think you could not do this? Why not give World of Warcraft a try and see how well you resist the temptation. Every new expansion they come out with attracts new players and forces recovering players back to the game.

2.Call of Duty

Call of Duty wallpaper - 5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever That Will Kill Your Productivity

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Call_of_Duty_Heroes.png
There are over 25 billion hours of gameplay logged into the game and Call of Duty competes with World of Warcraft for the first position in the top of most addictive game ever played. This FPS allows both single player as well as multiplayer sessions, although many do it for the thrill of the shared experience. If anything, Call of Duty has created one of the best virtual platforms where all kinds of people come to spend time with their group of friends. And if you only imagine teenagers or college students being CoD fans, you would be wrong.
The game is well-scripted and it reproduces real military campaigns. Up to Call of Duty 4, the campaigns were from World War II. The forth version, Modern Warfare, has a different setting, and one you should experience for yourself.

3.Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V poster - 5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever That Will Kill Your Productivity
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You can recognize a GTA addict a mile away. They clench the wheel and they have that look in their eyes. You know… that look like they cannot wait to get home and open their computers. Rockstar is responsible for creating one of the most addictive computer games ever played. The experience far surpasses the option of driving around and entering races. There is a whole world constructed in very fine detail to discover and many people choose to do just that. Among the activities available in Grand Theft Auto there are yoga, arms trafficking, tennis and even occasional encounters with women. There are missions and side missions and three very well constructed characters to explore the world of GTA with.


Developing an obsession for a computer game is not something reserved to our generation. Long before there were virtual experiences to share online, Tetris, a game invented by Russian scientist Alexey Pajitnov was keeping people pinned to their computers. And it has been around since the 80s. It was one of those games you had installed on your computer and lost hours on end playing without even realizing it. Although not complex, without any characters and many times with very simple graphics, Tetris built on our desire to make everything fit. The game itself consisted in getting in a row, a series of varying shapes of blocks which you had to stack together.


Design done in Minecraft - 5 of the Most Addictive Games Ever That Will Kill Your Productivity

Image source: https://pixabay.com/ro/photos/minecraft/
Tactical games are just as appreciated and addictive as shooters and racing games. Therefore, Minecraft has made our list with millions of players spending long hours building structures, mining for gold or diamonds and fighting bad guy. Maybe if you are in it for the visuals, this game is not what you are looking for. However, its many other interesting features and number of people it has managed to hook should determine you to give it a try. It is a great option for people who want to create, to explore and to make their own rules.
What many people fail to understand is that a game does not necessarily need to be colorful, to come with a big promotion and marketing plan. But as long as it is interesting enough to keep you hooked and to want to challenge your own score over and over again, as long as it can make you feel you could do better every time, it is enough to make the cut. Some of the most addictive games ever were created even before the development of the industry to the refined virtual experiences we get today. Some of them meant spending hours on end in front of a desktop monitor with a pixelated image only to get that final card or block in. And this really changes your perspective on gaming overall, doesn’t it?


8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

feat8 1 - 8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual WorldWant to Play Like a Boss? Do It Like a Pro

The world of professional gaming is amazing to anyone starting to develop a passion for a computer game. Simply the idea of being able to make a living not only by doing something you are comfortable with, but something you love, is very appealing. Yet, no matter how cool it looks, it is far from being easy. There is training, hard work and practice involved. There are many steps to be taken down the road to success and some people lose the race or even interest along with every step. What does it take to become a professional and to live off your gaming skills? You can start by reading this article.

8 Tips on How to Approach Gaming Like a Real Pro

1. Don’t Quit your Day Job

amer studying a game - 8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

No matter how big your passion for the game is, never quit your day job until you actually start making at least close to your monthly income. Let us tell you why.
It is not wise to give up on your steady source of income in the hopes that you will get good at gaming really fast. There is a whole process you need to understand before that and it usually takes time. The wise, yet difficult, thing to do is to keep your job while investing all your free time in the game and getting better. Ideally, you should start making money while you are still employed. This way, you have the guarantee that gaming can bring you money and you are never too frustrated about having to pay your bills that you cannot focus on the game.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Gamer hands - 8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

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Playing the game is not enough. Victory is not enough. You need to develop skill and have tactics people can appreciate and want to learn from you. This means practice. And by practice we do not mean spending time you would have spent anyway in front of the computer. It means spending more time and studying the games, finding the patterns, discovering every hidden aspect. There is always a very big difference between how a regular player approaches a game and how a pro does it. And you only get to a pro mentality by investing everything into the game.

3. Being part of a community means access to useful information

Be on all the forums. Become part of all communities. Because in some cases, no matter how much time you put into a game, you simply cannot discover everything by yourself. Here is where the shared multiple experience becomes a real asset. Imagine having played with the eyes and hands of every other player, imagine getting access to the information collected by other passionate people. Become the community member everybody can turn to and share your own information. Not everything, but make sure you also give back to the people who are willing to help out. A good reputation and the respect of your peers can take you a long way.

4. Do your homework – study the game and study the moves and tactics of those who excel at it.

Participants in The International 2014 DOTA 2 competition - 8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

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You did not expect us to mention the word “homework” in this article. Well, here it is! Learn all there is to learn about it. Test, do trials, fail on purpose only to see what happens. Advance little by little and make your game flawless. In time, there will be things you instinctively do with great skill and it will all be owed to the way in which you develop your game brain now.

5. Go to these events, even if not as a participant

feat8 1 - 8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_International_2014
Even before you can take part and aspire to win anything, go to the events. You can become accustomed to the environment; see what it means for the pros, what kind of people they are. Study them at their best and see what makes them winners. See how much there is to gain and make a small goal for yourself to meet by next year. Become immersed in the world you want to be part of and study it from within. This way, when the time comes for you to sit in the competition chair, you are not taken aback by everything that is going on.

6. Invest in equipment

CyberSnipa Flexiglow single handed gamer keyboard - 8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

Image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4c/CyberSnipa_Flexiglow_single_handed_keyboard_for_gamers.jpg
If the game you are playing requires investments in pieces of equipment, make them. We are talking about special keyboards, special chairs, special headsets. However, do not put all your money in this all at once. First, make sure that you are getting better, then put your money into it progressively. If anything should change your mind about it, you must not have a lot of money stuck in this.

7. Look for a sponsor when you start getting better

As your career as a gamer starts moving forward, there will be expenses. Looking for a sponsor ahead would probably be a good idea. This is where being a good community member and an excellent player pays off. Everybody wants to be associated with the good guy.

8. Play for performance

In order to get better at the game, play it at the most difficult levels possible and in the worst conditions. Performance means breaking down all barriers and obstacles and winning against all odds, whether these are programmed or caused by the environment. We leave this to your understanding.
Does it look hard? Good. Because if it were easy and rewarding, everybody would do it. There is a reason why the top in every industry is represented by a few individuals. They were the only ones with enough will power to get there. And if you are serious about professional gaming, you will soon discover how it feels like to climb to the top, one step at a time. Feel free to document your own experience as others will want to know how you did it when you are famous and it is always good to share it with others.


Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games

feat8 - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer GamesThe Many Faces of Computer Gaming

There are people whose views of computer games are limited to shooter or racing games, or to the kind of harmless little games you find preinstalled on your computer and you turn to them now and again to pass the time. However, for someone who takes gaming seriously, there are at least 11 types of games to be enjoyed and to perfect their skills in. Are you curious about what these categories are and how many of these types of games you have played so far? Keep reading to find out more.

11 Types of Computer Games You Could Get Into

1. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Elder Scrolls MMO wallpaper - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games
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A MMO is a game designed to support hundreds or thousands of people playing on the platform at the same time. They are usually the open-world experiences where you can go exploring the setting, compete or simply share the experience with other people online. You can fight with others, raid, go on quests, build and develop tactics. There is a whole range of activities you could be doing.

2. Simulation

The Sims is the best know game in this category. It gives you the possibility to create your own stories in a simulated reality. You have families and you create the rules of your own world. Unlike other types of games which give you full control, simulation games are closer to reality.

3. Action and Adventure

These are the classics. You open your computer and the game and you start playing it level by level. You can shoot, fight, eat and kick your way to victory every stage of the game. As you move forward, the levels get more and more difficult.

4. Real-Time Strategy

There is a map, there is a team of people and there is a final goal. You get action and the chance to develop great tactics while using all available resources. Among the most popular names of RTS games we mention Age of Empires and Starcraft.

5. Puzzle

These were among the first and maybe the most addictive types of games. There are millions of such games out there. They are easy to play and one session should not take up a lot of time. Well, it does when you realize you need to play it one more time, and again, and again. Do Tetris and Candy Crush Saga ring a bell?

6. Racing

Need for Speed wallpaper - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games
Photo credit: [email protected]
Racing games are among the most popular. They let you customize your car, steal other’s cars, they create amazing worlds to explore from behind the wheel of the car, and just so you never get bored, there is always something to transport, to outrun, or a race to finish.

7. Combat

Combat games give you the chance to learn different combinations of keys for secret moves and win over your opponents. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are just some of the examples of such games. Today, many games combine combat with strategy and shooting.

8. First Person Shooters

Take aim, fire and play the game. First person shooters are among the most appreciated types of games and they are getting more and more refined with more extensive storylines, more complex characters and remarkable graphics. The best thing about them is that you get to experience everything from your own perspective, making the game very intense.

9. Sports

FIFA screenshot - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games

Image source: https://pixabay.com/ro/fotbal-stadion-c%C3%A2mp-gazon-joc-512093/
You can play football, tennis, golf, pool, bowling and any game that requires you to calculate and angle and design game tactics. They are fun, they make great efforts to replicate the real experience and they allow you to play with friends. You know that really tall or really fast friend you can never beat at certain sports? Well, you can beat him online with great tactics and exercise. It’s something!

10. Role Playing

DOOM screenshot – role playing game - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games
Photo credit: [email protected]
RPGs are the coolest thing online. Many people are diving in the whole experience by creating characters and exploring the worlds created especially for them. There is great fun in being able to change your character as much as you want, in getting props and in having a whole world to discover.

11. Casino Games

This type of game has developed in later years, with more and more online platforms getting certified to provide such services. More than giving players the chance to be online, win a few games and have some fun, they also give them the chance to make some money. This means that the service must be registered with the authorities and their activity must be regulated in accordance to gambling laws. Otherwise, the experience on these platforms is very colorful and diverse.
There was a time when games were simply fun and amusing. They were a great way to pass the time and everybody could waste a few minutes on them. Now, it is about the whole experience, how the game transports you, how it tests your limits and who it comes up with a real challenge. And by real challenge, we do not mean something that is programmed not to let you win, but something you need to outwit the computer to get past. Computer gaming has come a long, long way and it is a time investment to discover every type of game. Yet it sure is a very fun investment.


7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online Casino

feat7 - 7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online CasinoAre you thinking of trying out some of these online gaming platforms? Great! Then know that this is not the kind of thing to go into with the “I’ll know it when I see it” attitude. There is some research to be done in advance, and just so you do not have to start from scratch, we made a list with things you need to be on the lookout for. Otherwise, you will end up lost in a sea of colorful bingo and slots, giving out your financial information and your money to every pop –up window. And while we know you are more responsible than that online, we still need to make sure you know how to choose the right online casino.

7 Things to be on the Lookout for When Choosing an Online Casino


This is not the time to give a chance to an obscure little place. Reputation is something online platforms build with by keeping players happy and safe. The activity in itself is highly regulated. There are licenses, certificates and registrations for everything from the money cashed in, to the payments made, from the software and the way everything runs to the graphics and the competition rules. Nothing goes unchecked in the case of a good online casino, and this is the type of place you want to spend your time and money on.
The best option you have is to look up some of the most popular places and see what other people have to say about them, what makes them popular, why they are appreciated and what policies are making them stand out compared to other similar platforms.

2.Check their licenses and certifications

You simply cannot enter your information and give your money before checking their licenses and certifications first. As mentioned above, everything about the activity of a legitimate online casino needs to be regulated and they have to hold numerous permits and licenses. Some of the most important ones are displayed in plain view, usually at the bottom of the page. There are certifications that guarantee that the software really does deal cards randomly, that the payments are made and that the cash-ins are processed according to state regulations.

3. Read some online reviews

man 792174 960 720 - 7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online Casino

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The experience of online casinos is often much more important than the money you can get out. Not that the money is not real. But most people prefer to keep it light and fun, rather than expect to win big and make a lifestyle change. This means that there are a lot of people out there, with good opinions about what it is like to play on that platform and willing to share their experiences. You could also get some useful pieces of advice. The more reviews means more players, more players means more trust in the platform. More trust in the platform means a legitimate, certified and well regulated experience you can enjoy without fear.

4. Make sure they really pay the promised prizes

7460432496 a36106b720 z - 7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online Casino

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seoplanter/7460432496
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This is actually a pretty important thing. You cannot play casino games and only put money in without ever cashing in on your gains. Check and see which places chicken out when it comes to making payments and stay away from them. It goes without saying that online platforms must make payments when they are due. This too is regulated, although some operators manage to find ways around it. Look for real life winners of the jackpots and of the really big prizes announced in competitions intended to bring many players in.

5. Test their responsiveness. It is best to see how fast they respond when you are not pressed for an answer

Contact center two agents - 7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online Casino

Image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/Contact-center-two-agents.jpg
A useful piece of advice would be to make sure the client service is all that they promise it to be. This means that they need to respond immediately, give you the right type of answer and look into anything the second you ask. Test their policies before you really need them to do something important.

6. Go for variation of games

546815515 1280x720 - 7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online Casino

Image source: http://i.vimeocdn.com/video/546815515_1280x720.jpg
Always choose the online casino with as many game options as possible. Varied themes, constant competition ideas and updated challenges mean a real team of people behind the development. A big team of people means a big and legitimate investment in the platform. And this is the type of online casino you need to be playing at. It means you will always find something interesting to do and a cool new theme to explore.

7. Check browser support

Before diving in, check the browser support. Look for the signs telling you about the programs you need to have installed on your computer to run some of the games. You would not like to go through the whole registration process only to discover that you cannot play a single game unless you install somethin. Usually, this should not be a problem and can be easily solved. But it does not hurt to check this before you actually register on the platform.
Before you check everything else off this list, make sure you understand one thing about online casinos. While you do not see the bouncers at the entrance and you do not get to step on the marble floors or touch the cards yourself, the money you could win or lose are as real as they get. Make sure you have a clear grasp of this before you start enjoying yourself.


8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So Popular

feat6 - 8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So PopularWe bet you think of James Bond every time you hear the word casino. So how can an online platform live up to such high expectations and create a similar experience? It is quite simple. Everything revolves around two main concepts: accessibility and security. Therefore, an online casino is gambling made accessible for those who are not billionaires who can drop everything and fly off to Monaco dressed in a fancy suit (which is not even their finest). And, more importantly, an online casino is safe for all users joining in at any time, from all over the world, making bets and winning money. So you have the best parts of the experience without the hustle of travel and fashion. You can do all that once you win some money online.

8 Things That Might Change Your Mind about Online Casinos

1. Safer than you Expected

Legitimate online casinos have licenses, are registered and are certified to be online and to process personal information, cash in and pay up. This means that everything they do is regulated and they have to account for it. If anything, online casinos may probably be safer for you than real casinos because all operations are done online and are therefore registered in the system. No money goes unaccounted for and all communication with the platform is done in writing.
The certifications of every online casino must be listed at the bottom of each page. You should look for jurisdictional certifications. These regulate the casino’s operation fees, their activity and the payments made. The certifications from security companies should interest you the most because these are the ones that make sure your information is protected and you get paid when you win. Next, there are the certifications from software testing companies. They make sure that the random part of any gambling activity like the dealing of cards, is truly random.

2. It is the accessible version of the thrill of a Casino

Woman playing real casino games 300x235 - 8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So Popular

Image source: https://pixabay.com/p-1066386/?no_redirect
You can still enjoy the thrill of winning money without having to dress sharp, waste time on the road or have to deal with anyone there. It is your own private casino experience and you can access it any time, from any place.

3. The prizes and the money are real

Generic image illustrating possible gains of online gambling - 8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So Popular

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagogames/24745506564
Just because you are playing online games in your pajamas, from your living rooms sofa, it does not mean that the money is not real. You can win as much as you are lucky enough to win and according to how you pick your casinos and games. Best thing to do is to choose a safe platform and try testing the games with small prizes. Once you see that money in your account you understand just how real the experience can be. A word of warning, though. You can lose money just like with the physical casino experience. So watch out for how much you gamble.

4. The client service is impressive

A great thing about casinos everywhere is that they know they must make people feel comfortable, welcome, spoiled. Things are not any different with online casinos. There is an entire army of people ready to answer your questions about the account, about the games you play and about the casino policies.

5. The games and the graphics are amazing

Forget about the dazzle of the real casino experience. Only the online platforms can make your experience so diverse and unique. There is nothing classical and traditional about them and there are so many themes to explore that some people simply spread their “entertainment budget” really thin just so they can enjoy as many rooms as possible. A lot of effort goes into making each game and it shows then you go online.

6. You have a lot of options

Playing an online casino game on the phone - 8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So Popular

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagogames/28984192944
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No real casino can offer the same multitude of games an online platform can hold. There is easy access to any of them at any time. There are simple games, tournaments, special rooms and a lot of other types of competitions you could get in on. It all depends on how much time you have on your hands, how many things catch your eye and how much money you have to spend.
Also, you can access the platform from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

7. They even help you get started

Many casinos help you get started by offering you a little extra to the money you first bring in. These sums are very generous and they usually let you experience with a lot of the games. Once you get the hang of things, you can really start playing.

8. There are real communities created around them

People playing on an online casino platform - 8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So Popular

Image source: http://bestonlinecasinoadvisor.com/online-casino-gaming-for-beginners/
The communities created around some of these platforms can be really fun. There are forums where people share their ideas and the client service people can also get in on some of the discussions where people make suggestions about how to improve the experience. There is a real feeling of belonging and, if you are lucky enough, you can even find the type of experience where people remember your birthday and make you feel welcome. But it all depends on how involved you wish to be.
There you have it! Online casinos offer a very versatile, colorful and safe experience it would be a shame not to try out at least once. However, keep in mind the fact that the money is as real as it can get. You can win just as well as you can lose. Therefore, choose your games wisely, enjoy your experience as much as possible and try to keep a moderate approach to everything that is going on. Especially in the beginning, when you are still learning the ropes. Some of these platforms really know how to keep you coming back, with tournaments and great prizes, and with some great client service. Check it out!