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7 Things You Need to Check before Choosing Your Online Casino

Are you thinking of trying out some of these online gaming platforms? Great! Then know that this is not the kind of thing to go into with the “I’ll know it when I see it” attitude. There is some research to be done in advance, and just so you do not have to start from scratch, we made a list with things you need to be on the lookout for. Otherwise, you will end up lost in a sea of colorful bingo and slots, giving out your financial information and your money to every pop –up window. And while we know you are more responsible than that online, we still need to make sure you know how to choose the right online casino.

7 Things to be on the Lookout for When Choosing an Online Casino


This is not the time to give a chance to an obscure little place. Reputation is something online platforms build with by keeping players happy and safe. The activity in itself is highly regulated. There are licenses, certificates and registrations for everything from the money cashed in, to the payments made, from the software and the way everything runs to the graphics and the competition rules. Nothing goes unchecked in the case of a good online casino, and this is the type of place you want to spend your time and money on.
The best option you have is to look up some of the most popular places and see what other people have to say about them, what makes them popular, why they are appreciated and what policies are making them stand out compared to other similar platforms.

2.Check their licenses and certifications

You simply cannot enter your information and give your money before checking their licenses and certifications first. As mentioned above, everything about the activity of a legitimate online casino needs to be regulated and they have to hold numerous permits and licenses. Some of the most important ones are displayed in plain view, usually at the bottom of the page. There are certifications that guarantee that the software really does deal cards randomly, that the payments are made and that the cash-ins are processed according to state regulations.

3. Read some online reviews

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The experience of online casinos is often much more important than the money you can get out. Not that the money is not real. But most people prefer to keep it light and fun, rather than expect to win big and make a lifestyle change. This means that there are a lot of people out there, with good opinions about what it is like to play on that platform and willing to share their experiences. You could also get some useful pieces of advice. The more reviews means more players, more players means more trust in the platform. More trust in the platform means a legitimate, certified and well regulated experience you can enjoy without fear.

4. Make sure they really pay the promised prizes

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This is actually a pretty important thing. You cannot play casino games and only put money in without ever cashing in on your gains. Check and see which places chicken out when it comes to making payments and stay away from them. It goes without saying that online platforms must make payments when they are due. This too is regulated, although some operators manage to find ways around it. Look for real life winners of the jackpots and of the really big prizes announced in competitions intended to bring many players in.

5. Test their responsiveness. It is best to see how fast they respond when you are not pressed for an answer

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A useful piece of advice would be to make sure the client service is all that they promise it to be. This means that they need to respond immediately, give you the right type of answer and look into anything the second you ask. Test their policies before you really need them to do something important.

6. Go for variation of games

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Always choose the online casino with as many game options as possible. Varied themes, constant competition ideas and updated challenges mean a real team of people behind the development. A big team of people means a big and legitimate investment in the platform. And this is the type of online casino you need to be playing at. It means you will always find something interesting to do and a cool new theme to explore.

7. Check browser support

Before diving in, check the browser support. Look for the signs telling you about the programs you need to have installed on your computer to run some of the games. You would not like to go through the whole registration process only to discover that you cannot play a single game unless you install somethin. Usually, this should not be a problem and can be easily solved. But it does not hurt to check this before you actually register on the platform.
Before you check everything else off this list, make sure you understand one thing about online casinos. While you do not see the bouncers at the entrance and you do not get to step on the marble floors or touch the cards yourself, the money you could win or lose are as real as they get. Make sure you have a clear grasp of this before you start enjoying yourself.

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8 Things about Online Casinos to Explain How They Became So Popular

We bet you think of James Bond every time you hear the word casino. So how can an online platform live up to such high expectations and create a similar experience? It is quite simple. Everything revolves around two main concepts: accessibility and security. Therefore, an online casino is gambling made accessible for those who are not billionaires who can drop everything and fly off to Monaco dressed in a fancy suit (which is not even their finest). And, more importantly, an online casino is safe for all users joining in at any time, from all over the world, making bets and winning money. So you have the best parts of the experience without the hustle of travel and fashion. You can do all that once you win some money online.

8 Things That Might Change Your Mind about Online Casinos

1. Safer than you Expected

Legitimate online casinos have licenses, are registered and are certified to be online and to process personal information, cash in and pay up. This means that everything they do is regulated and they have to account for it. If anything, online casinos may probably be safer for you than real casinos because all operations are done online and are therefore registered in the system. No money goes unaccounted for and all communication with the platform is done in writing.
The certifications of every online casino must be listed at the bottom of each page. You should look for jurisdictional certifications. These regulate the casino’s operation fees, their activity and the payments made. The certifications from security companies should interest you the most because these are the ones that make sure your information is protected and you get paid when you win. Next, there are the certifications from software testing companies. They make sure that the random part of any gambling activity like the dealing of cards, is truly random.

2. It is the accessible version of the thrill of a Casino

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You can still enjoy the thrill of winning money without having to dress sharp, waste time on the road or have to deal with anyone there. It is your own private casino experience and you can access it any time, from any place.

3. The prizes and the money are real

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Just because you are playing online games in your pajamas, from your living rooms sofa, it does not mean that the money is not real. You can win as much as you are lucky enough to win and according to how you pick your casinos and games. Best thing to do is to choose a safe platform and try testing the games with small prizes. Once you see that money in your account you understand just how real the experience can be. A word of warning, though. You can lose money just like with the physical casino experience. So watch out for how much you gamble.

4. The client service is impressive

A great thing about casinos everywhere is that they know they must make people feel comfortable, welcome, spoiled. Things are not any different with online casinos. There is an entire army of people ready to answer your questions about the account, about the games you play and about the casino policies.

5. The games and the graphics are amazing

Forget about the dazzle of the real casino experience. Only the online platforms can make your experience so diverse and unique. There is nothing classical and traditional about them and there are so many themes to explore that some people simply spread their “entertainment budget” really thin just so they can enjoy as many rooms as possible. A lot of effort goes into making each game and it shows then you go online.

6. You have a lot of options

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No real casino can offer the same multitude of games an online platform can hold. There is easy access to any of them at any time. There are simple games, tournaments, special rooms and a lot of other types of competitions you could get in on. It all depends on how much time you have on your hands, how many things catch your eye and how much money you have to spend.
Also, you can access the platform from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

7. They even help you get started

Many casinos help you get started by offering you a little extra to the money you first bring in. These sums are very generous and they usually let you experience with a lot of the games. Once you get the hang of things, you can really start playing.

8. There are real communities created around them

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The communities created around some of these platforms can be really fun. There are forums where people share their ideas and the client service people can also get in on some of the discussions where people make suggestions about how to improve the experience. There is a real feeling of belonging and, if you are lucky enough, you can even find the type of experience where people remember your birthday and make you feel welcome. But it all depends on how involved you wish to be.
There you have it! Online casinos offer a very versatile, colorful and safe experience it would be a shame not to try out at least once. However, keep in mind the fact that the money is as real as it can get. You can win just as well as you can lose. Therefore, choose your games wisely, enjoy your experience as much as possible and try to keep a moderate approach to everything that is going on. Especially in the beginning, when you are still learning the ropes. Some of these platforms really know how to keep you coming back, with tournaments and great prizes, and with some great client service. Check it out!

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4 negative consequences of playing computer video games

Computer video games can be very entertaining. Almost everyone is playing it, but it can be bad for you. Here are some of the negative effects of playing computer video games.

2 - 4 negative consequences of playing computer video games

They can be addictive

People may become habitually occupied with it. Both kids and adults play video games and they often forget about their surroundings and get engrossed in playing video games. They spend time by reading gaming magazines or joining online gaming forums. They are always thinking of video games.

They can be expensive

The current and latest releases can be expensive. Both the games and the hardware can be expensive. Many people spend d a lot of money on video games. They buy various game consoles to improve their gaming experience.

They can hurt relationships

You spend more time to play video games and forget about your loved ones. You hardly give them time and it can affect your relationships. People often use the majority of their free time playing video games. They forget about their partners and children.

They can be distracting

People can get distracted from more important tasks. For example, they can spend their time reading a good book, writing an article, or doing something innovative. Instead, they spend their time playing video games. So, even if they have the ability to do something creative they are wasting their skills and energy on video games.

1 - 4 negative consequences of playing computer video games

Playing video games have lots of negative impacts. You should never be addicted to it. You should control yourself and spend a limited amount of your free time playing computer video games.


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5 ways to find the best online casino payouts

Playing at an online casino can be very entertaining. Not all online casinos are same. Some casinos pay out more than the others. Here are five ways you can find out sites that offer the best casino payouts.

22 - 5 ways to find the best online casino payouts

Look on the site

Many online casino sites will highlight their payout percentages on their home page. Some sites include it in the ‘About Us’ page. Some casinos don’t advertise the percentage payout but do offer a good payout. This is true for sites which have good volume of traffic.

Read online casino reviews

You can search Google or Yahoo! for reading online casino reviews. You will know about the percentage payouts from these reviews.

Check out Facebook

It is a general rule of thumb that if an online casino has lots of Facebook fans then they offer very good casino payouts. They make so many fans by paying out bit money to the players. Otherwise, people won’t like their casino sites.

11 - 5 ways to find the best online casino payouts

Read casino forums

Those who are passionate about casinos, like to share their experience with the others. You will find many online forums where players discuss the different sites. You should check out some of these forums to know about the payouts.

Find it out yourself

You can take advantage of the site’s deposit bonus and find out how much payout the site offers. You have got nothing to lose as you are using casino’s money and not yours.

You will have the chance of winning more money by playing at casino sites that offer the best payouts. So, use these tips to find a suitable casino site to play.


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4 effects online casino has on the gaming industry

Technology has rapidly improved in the past decade. There has been immense growth in the Internet, mobile technology, and social media. The offline businesses had to adapt to the online world and utilize the benefits of it. In 1998 online casino came in the scene. Now it has reached more audience than the traditional casinos. Here are the major effects in had on the gaming industry.

Multiplayer online gaming

Multiplayer online gaming was introduced and it created a community of seasoned online gamblers. It began to attract more people to the casinos. People could now socialize and play with the gamers all around the world.

Gaming apps

With the growth in mobile technology, the gamers can now download apps and play casino games from anywhere. In the beginning, audiences could play online casino games only from their desktop. But now it is possible to play on their mobile phones as well.

1486755603 online gambling infographic - 4 effects online casino has on the gaming industry

More people are playing casino games

Those people who wouldn’t normally step into a casino are now playing online casino games. The online casino sites offer privacy to the players and they can remain anonymous while playing. So, people are more comfortable in playing casino games now.

More female players

In the past, women hardly went to casinos. Now many women play online casino games. Women now bet on various casino sites and have a good time.

33 - 4 effects online casino has on the gaming industry

Many casinos in Las Vegas now offer online casino services that people can access from their home and also from the casino floors. The revenue of this industry has increased exponentially due to the advancement in technology.