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Top 6 Free Online Games You Have No Excuse Not to Try out at Least Once The Best Games in Life Are Free

You might have people around you who invest a small fortune for their game upgrades and it might look odd for you to spend so much on something that happens in the virtual world. Well, you are in luck, because we are about to present to you the free side of the addictive world of online gaming. What’s in it for you? Great fun, challenges and real competition, the chance to discover yourself as a great warrior or a tactical wizard, not to mention a few impressive victories every now and again may be included in the experience. So why wait around and not give some of these 6 free games a try? If only to see what the fuss is all about, right? But be warned, we cannot be held responsible once they become addictive.

Try Any of These 6 Free Online Games Out for Size and Find the Right Fit

1.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a mobile and PC collectible card game developed by Blizzard. The main task is to create the best possible card deck and win in battle against your opponent. What is more, the game is being constantly updated, therefore versatility is the operative word. Although this is a good thing for dedicated players, constant additions make it more difficult for people to simply jump in. Opinions are split on this as there are also those who consider the learning curve for the game as being very acceptable. But even so, everybody admits that the game is challenging and great fun.

2. Warframe

Warframe is a free-to-play game launched at the same time with PS4. Most chances are that the people who tried it then are still playing it because it is a very addictive game. Like any other free game, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some have complained that, as expected, the paid version runs more smoothly and there is less wasted time. On the other hand, the fact that you get to play online with a team of people, the graphics are not half bad and that the storyline is rather appealing, can convince you. As with all online experiences, you either put in money or time. Either way, the Warframe experience from Digital Extremes has made the list of most appreciated free online games.

3.Dota 2

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Playing DOTA 2 is addictive but this free-to-play game can actually bring you closer to a consistent prize in the industry events. DOTA was designed as a mod for WarCraft III, the abbreviation coming from Defense of the Ancients. Although it started as a derivate of WarCraft, DOTA is now a name on its own and it was made incredibly attractive. The best thing about it is that this entire game is free, yet the creators can make money from upgrades for those who wish it.

4.Path of Exile

Path of Exile is the number one game recommended to Diablo III fans. This free-to-play RPG allows you to play with blades, collect loot and use magic to improve your weapons. There are seven classes and a very complicated skill tree. Therefore, you will not get bored playing this game. Some have even called Path of Exile the best action-RPG game released for free in the past years. Like with all multiplayer games, it is the shared experience that makes it different every time you go online, yet the game does come with under layers you can discover.

5. League of Legends

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Another game derived from a Warcraft III mod, League of Legends is another great free-to-play game. The approach, however, is different. There is a basic pack accessible free or charge, but enhancement must either be earned or purchased. You can excel at this game with great tactics and teamwork. Also, just like in the case of DOTA 2, League of Legends comes with an impressive prize pool in professional competitions.

6. Killer Instinct

You can see the Killer Instinct free version as a sample of the real Xbox One game. You only have one character to play with but you have access to some of the game’s amazing features. As you could expect, although it limits your experience, it should sell you on the paid version. Also, there is the possibility to buy upgrades as you need them, instead of buying in packages which come with things you have no interest in.
You will hear people say that nothing really good is ever truly free. And they will be right for most of the stuff. However, you have the option of playing any of the above mentioned games in a free-to-play mode. You can buy your upgrades and you can plan your advancement, as long as you wish and afford it. If not, you can really work on your game and make the best of it. Once you got all you can out of the free version of a game, you can think about investing in it further, whether you would like to continue your quests or if what you have done so far was enough for you. The great part is that you get to test most of the game before you need to make a choice.