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Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games

The Many Faces of Computer Gaming

There are people whose views of computer games are limited to shooter or racing games, or to the kind of harmless little games you find preinstalled on your computer and you turn to them now and again to pass the time. However, for someone who takes gaming seriously, there are at least 11 types of games to be enjoyed and to perfect their skills in. Are you curious about what these categories are and how many of these types of games you have played so far? Keep reading to find out more.

11 Types of Computer Games You Could Get Into

1. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Elder Scrolls MMO wallpaper - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games
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A MMO is a game designed to support hundreds or thousands of people playing on the platform at the same time. They are usually the open-world experiences where you can go exploring the setting, compete or simply share the experience with other people online. You can fight with others, raid, go on quests, build and develop tactics. There is a whole range of activities you could be doing.

2. Simulation

The Sims is the best know game in this category. It gives you the possibility to create your own stories in a simulated reality. You have families and you create the rules of your own world. Unlike other types of games which give you full control, simulation games are closer to reality.

3. Action and Adventure

These are the classics. You open your computer and the game and you start playing it level by level. You can shoot, fight, eat and kick your way to victory every stage of the game. As you move forward, the levels get more and more difficult.

4. Real-Time Strategy

There is a map, there is a team of people and there is a final goal. You get action and the chance to develop great tactics while using all available resources. Among the most popular names of RTS games we mention Age of Empires and Starcraft.

5. Puzzle

These were among the first and maybe the most addictive types of games. There are millions of such games out there. They are easy to play and one session should not take up a lot of time. Well, it does when you realize you need to play it one more time, and again, and again. Do Tetris and Candy Crush Saga ring a bell?

6. Racing

Need for Speed wallpaper - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games
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Racing games are among the most popular. They let you customize your car, steal other’s cars, they create amazing worlds to explore from behind the wheel of the car, and just so you never get bored, there is always something to transport, to outrun, or a race to finish.

7. Combat

Combat games give you the chance to learn different combinations of keys for secret moves and win over your opponents. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are just some of the examples of such games. Today, many games combine combat with strategy and shooting.

8. First Person Shooters

Take aim, fire and play the game. First person shooters are among the most appreciated types of games and they are getting more and more refined with more extensive storylines, more complex characters and remarkable graphics. The best thing about them is that you get to experience everything from your own perspective, making the game very intense.

9. Sports

FIFA screenshot - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games

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You can play football, tennis, golf, pool, bowling and any game that requires you to calculate and angle and design game tactics. They are fun, they make great efforts to replicate the real experience and they allow you to play with friends. You know that really tall or really fast friend you can never beat at certain sports? Well, you can beat him online with great tactics and exercise. It’s something!

10. Role Playing

DOOM screenshot – role playing game - Take Your Pick from These 11 Types of Super Addictive Computer Games
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RPGs are the coolest thing online. Many people are diving in the whole experience by creating characters and exploring the worlds created especially for them. There is great fun in being able to change your character as much as you want, in getting props and in having a whole world to discover.

11. Casino Games

This type of game has developed in later years, with more and more online platforms getting certified to provide such services. More than giving players the chance to be online, win a few games and have some fun, they also give them the chance to make some money. This means that the service must be registered with the authorities and their activity must be regulated in accordance to gambling laws. Otherwise, the experience on these platforms is very colorful and diverse.
There was a time when games were simply fun and amusing. They were a great way to pass the time and everybody could waste a few minutes on them. Now, it is about the whole experience, how the game transports you, how it tests your limits and who it comes up with a real challenge. And by real challenge, we do not mean something that is programmed not to let you win, but something you need to outwit the computer to get past. Computer gaming has come a long, long way and it is a time investment to discover every type of game. Yet it sure is a very fun investment.