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8 Professional Tips on How to Up Your Game in the Virtual World

Want to Play Like a Boss? Do It Like a Pro

The world of professional gaming is amazing to anyone starting to develop a passion for a computer game. Simply the idea of being able to make a living not only by doing something you are comfortable with, but something you love, is very appealing. Yet, no matter how cool it looks, it is far from being easy. There is training, hard work and practice involved. There are many steps to be taken down the road to success and some people lose the race or even interest along with every step. What does it take to become a professional and to live off your gaming skills? You can start by reading this article.

8 Tips on How to Approach Gaming Like a Real Pro

1. Don’t Quit your Day Job

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No matter how big your passion for the game is, never quit your day job until you actually start making at least close to your monthly income. Let us tell you why.
It is not wise to give up on your steady source of income in the hopes that you will get good at gaming really fast. There is a whole process you need to understand before that and it usually takes time. The wise, yet difficult, thing to do is to keep your job while investing all your free time in the game and getting better. Ideally, you should start making money while you are still employed. This way, you have the guarantee that gaming can bring you money and you are never too frustrated about having to pay your bills that you cannot focus on the game.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

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Playing the game is not enough. Victory is not enough. You need to develop skill and have tactics people can appreciate and want to learn from you. This means practice. And by practice we do not mean spending time you would have spent anyway in front of the computer. It means spending more time and studying the games, finding the patterns, discovering every hidden aspect. There is always a very big difference between how a regular player approaches a game and how a pro does it. And you only get to a pro mentality by investing everything into the game.

3. Being part of a community means access to useful information

Be on all the forums. Become part of all communities. Because in some cases, no matter how much time you put into a game, you simply cannot discover everything by yourself. Here is where the shared multiple experience becomes a real asset. Imagine having played with the eyes and hands of every other player, imagine getting access to the information collected by other passionate people. Become the community member everybody can turn to and share your own information. Not everything, but make sure you also give back to the people who are willing to help out. A good reputation and the respect of your peers can take you a long way.

4. Do your homework – study the game and study the moves and tactics of those who excel at it.

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You did not expect us to mention the word “homework” in this article. Well, here it is! Learn all there is to learn about it. Test, do trials, fail on purpose only to see what happens. Advance little by little and make your game flawless. In time, there will be things you instinctively do with great skill and it will all be owed to the way in which you develop your game brain now.

5. Go to these events, even if not as a participant

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Even before you can take part and aspire to win anything, go to the events. You can become accustomed to the environment; see what it means for the pros, what kind of people they are. Study them at their best and see what makes them winners. See how much there is to gain and make a small goal for yourself to meet by next year. Become immersed in the world you want to be part of and study it from within. This way, when the time comes for you to sit in the competition chair, you are not taken aback by everything that is going on.

6. Invest in equipment

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If the game you are playing requires investments in pieces of equipment, make them. We are talking about special keyboards, special chairs, special headsets. However, do not put all your money in this all at once. First, make sure that you are getting better, then put your money into it progressively. If anything should change your mind about it, you must not have a lot of money stuck in this.

7. Look for a sponsor when you start getting better

As your career as a gamer starts moving forward, there will be expenses. Looking for a sponsor ahead would probably be a good idea. This is where being a good community member and an excellent player pays off. Everybody wants to be associated with the good guy.

8. Play for performance

In order to get better at the game, play it at the most difficult levels possible and in the worst conditions. Performance means breaking down all barriers and obstacles and winning against all odds, whether these are programmed or caused by the environment. We leave this to your understanding.
Does it look hard? Good. Because if it were easy and rewarding, everybody would do it. There is a reason why the top in every industry is represented by a few individuals. They were the only ones with enough will power to get there. And if you are serious about professional gaming, you will soon discover how it feels like to climb to the top, one step at a time. Feel free to document your own experience as others will want to know how you did it when you are famous and it is always good to share it with others.